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It is “that” time again.  “The Ride to Conquer Cancer” is being held on Aug 29th & 30th this year. Thousands of participants will be riding from Vancouver to Seattle.

This will be my third year photographing the Ride for Team Perimeter Drainage, lead by Chris Gray, the Team Captain.  Chris and the team members are extraordinary people. From Joe’s to Pro’s, these folks have so much heart and put their all into the ride.  Naturally, they have become family, the “Ride Family”.

There have been some good hearted antics and fun to help get through the 200+ km (classic) or 300+ km (challenge) ride.  It is not always about enduring the distance, terrain, or weather conditions. Often, there are giant emotional hurdles to overcome, and those are the times when members lean on team motivation and support to ride on.

Although my talents are lacking when it comes to completing such an epic bike ride (my hands go numb after a few minutes on the bike),  I think we all have to find “our” way to give back. I really love being part of the Ride as a photographer and helping to raise awareness to the cause.

To all the folks doing the ride, the cheering crowd and all the volunteers, thank you, thank you, thank you.  You really do make a difference.

If you wish to donate to the ride please visit the Perimeter Drainage website and hit the “Donate” button.

You can also go to The Ride To Conquer website for more information about the ride and how to participate and donate.

I wish all the riders a safe and passionate ride.

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