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“They” say having children attend a wedding is quite a controversial subject these days. No one told Kelly and Paul that, you see, these two are different.

Kelly and Paul crossed paths again after many years apart. Both with history, Paul bringing his lovely daughter into the family and Kelly with her passed sister’s five kids in tow. Hello family of 8. Adjustments I am sure, but above all, love and communication.

The bottom line was, yes, there will be children at Kelly and Paul’s wedding. All 8 were going and all 8 were getting married.

I really loved being part of this celebration. I could not help but get caught up in Kelly and Paul’s energy and the energy the kids brought to the party.

Kids simply are free, free to be themselves. And for me this is where those candid moments appear. Whether they are caught up in the magic or getting one step closer to being an adult, my lens loves to find them. Kids are authentic.

Kids love to partake. Asking them to help makes them feel included. This adds to the charm to the day.

Seeing kids on the dance floor makes even the cold hearted smile. Whether a Princess twirl or shakin’ it and just busting a move, the photo ops are endless.

Kelly and Paul’s wedding was so much fun because of the family, friends present and because of the children.


  • Shaun LaCour says:

    Beautiful family – you caught so many special moments – absolutely lovely!

  • Kelly Fry Lutzer says:

    The photos you captured of the kids were amazing. They truly made the day magical and it really was the 8 of us getting married. Thank you for that blog. Our lives are all about kids. I think kids should be involved in everyone’s weddings. Xxx

  • Bobbie jo says:

    Thanks. I’m tearing as I read this. ..beautiful. Simply beautiful. I am so sorry I wasn’t there to celebrate so much joy with wonderful memories of Kim. Xo ♡

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